awkiawki is a WikiWiki clone written in awk. If you don't know what a WikiWiki is, have a look at There you will find the first WikiWiki and a lot of information about it.

The original WikiWiki from Ward Cunningham is not the only WikiWiki software on the internet. You will find a few dozen WikiWiki clones, also known as WikiWiki engines (see list below for more links about WikiWiki clones).

So, why Yet Another Wiki Clone?

Speed! That is the only reason why I wrote awkiawki. I needed a WikiWiki for a Sun Sparcstation 10 (36MHz) and all Perl and Python solutions were far to slow.

For whom is it?

  1. For anyone who wants to use a WikiWiki on really slow hardware
  2. For anyone who wants to get rid of bloated Perl and Python interpreter :-)
  3. For anyone who want to use a WikiWiki without installing a database





awkiawki-0.1 is available since 2004-07-13

You can download awkiawki here.


You can use anonymous CVS or WebCVS.

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